This Dog Wedding Will Restore Your Belief in True Love

Grab some tissues because a wedding between two shih tzus is about to restore your belief in true love.

Meet Lally and Kian, from the Philippines. They dated for more than a year and got engaged last February. Lally’s human, Theresa, arranged for an engagement shoot by photographer Che Vienes, BuzzFeed reports.

And thank goodness because the world needed pictures of Lally and Kian's ~love~.

Now, Lally and Kian have taken their relationship to the next level. The pair got married in a beach wedding in Patungan Cove in Cavite. Vienes also photographed the wedding. 🙌

The bride looked gorgeous.

The groom looked dashing.

"The day of the wedding was full of love," Vienes said. "It was emotional."

We're emotional just looking at the pictures of the big day. BRB, crying.