This New Perfume Will Actually Make You Smell Like Kitten Fur

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If you love the smell of baby kittens (and, let's be honest, who doesn't?), then your perfect perfume has finally been invented. The Demeter Fragrance Library in New York has come up with a scent that actually smells like a kitten.


Image Credit: Cherry-Merry/iStock/GettyImages

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USA Today reports that the scent, appropriately called "Kitten Fur" is available in sprays, oil (both roll-on and diffuser), body lotion, shower gel, atmosphere spray and diffuser oil. So basically anything you could ever want. YASS.


"After 15 years of effort, Demeter has captured the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort of that purrfect spot, just behind a kitten's neck," the company writes on its website.

The cost of the scent ranges from $3 (for a .10-ounce sampler) to $39.50 (for a 4-ounce cologne spray). A bargain for the priceless joy of smelling kittens all day.