This Dog Looking at Her Birthday Cake Might Just Be the Best Reaction Pic Ever

You're not going to believe this, but the internet has uncovered a dog who loves cake more than your most cake-loving human friend — and that's saying something, right?

The dog's owner, Reddit user tastyhouse, almost didn't buy her a birthday cake, and then we, the people of the internet would have been denied the wonder of this image.

"I thought ordering my dog a birthday cake would be a waste of money... Her reaction was worth every penny," tastyhouse captioned the image, which promptly went viral.

According to Someecards, in 14 short hours, the picture earned more than 44,000 upvotes on Reddit. Then, when it was reposted to Imgur, it racked up another 9,000. We have to say, each and every one of those upvotes was well-earned.

BRB, laugh-crying forever. 😂 😂 😂