Michelle Obama, Sunny, And Bo Continue Bo Be #FriendshipGoals After The White House

Of all the things we miss about the Obama White House (and we miss a LOT), the cutest has to be the eternal friendship between the Obama family and their dogs, Sunny and Bo. We especially loved any time Michelle took a break to show her love for the pups.

Michelle's bond with Sunny and Bo has only gotten stronger since they left the White House. The former first lady spent the official first day of spring taking her pups for a walk, which is honestly the best way to celebrate spring.

"Look who has a spring in their step! Celebrate the #FirstDayofSpring by grabbing a friend, heading outside, and getting moving," she captioned the picture of Sunny and Bo.

Sunny and Bo, on the other hand, look a tad impatient in the picture and obviously just wanted to start their walk already because dogs have their priorities straight.