The Famous "Hugging Dogs" Have A New Brother And Yeah, They're Teaching Him to Hug Too

Lovers of internet dogs will surely remember Envy and Zain, the hugging border collies who break hearts with their incredible cuteness.

Envy and Zain's hugs will melt you.

They also love to cuddle, because duh.

Now, their human mom, Kelly Bove, has adopted another cuddly border collie rescue, Trek, who she brought home when he was just eight weeks old.

And Trek immediately fit in with his cuddly siblings.

"Envy LOVES to play with him so much," Bove told The Dodo. "Zain also gets along great with him — he is the most tolerant dog I've ever met with him."

And yeah, he loves a good cuddle, too.

If you don't already, be sure to follow Envy, Zain, and Trek's mom, Kelly Bove, on Instagram because baby Trek is growing up fast.