Cats Are Nice, Says Science

Cat people yelled a collective "Told ya so!" this week. A recent study by Oregon State University proved something that cat lovers have known all along — cats are nice. According to this study, cats crave the company of humans even more than they crave food.

And we know how much cats crave food.

Cats really really love food.

The researchers took 50 cats from both a shelter and their homes and deprived them of human interaction, food, and cat toys for a few hours. Then the cats were presented with different stimuli: human socialization, food, scent and toys.

An article from Motherboard explains that there was no difference between the homed and shelter cats in their preferences. All of the cats preferred the company of people to any of the other stimuli — including food!

Cheerful woman lying on sofa holding a gringer cat
credit: Wavebreakmedia/iStock/GettyImages

So the next time a dog person gets all up in your face about how much more loving and sociable their dog is, you have indisputable scientific data backing up your claim that your cat loves you and loves to spend time with you. And like most crazy cat ladies (and gentlemen!), you probably have a lot of selfies on your phone that can further back up that scientific data.