This Bob Ross Look-Alike Dog Is Our Latest Instagram Crush

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They call him the "Bob Ross of dogs" mostly because of his fabulous hair, but additionally because of his beautiful soul. Because ain't no soul like a Bob Ross soul.


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Meet Agador, our latest internet crush, who spends his days living and loving in New York City, undoubtedly breaking each heart he struts past on 5th Avenue.

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All it took was one Instagram page for us to fall in love immediately and fantasize about our new life with this brother with a cute fro. Hey, it could happen.

On the first day of our NYC love affair, we'd do what all New Yorkers do: indulge in a one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering bagel. Is there anyone you'd rather eat a bagel with? Of course not!


Once full of carbs, we'd bump vintage tunes. John Lennon anyone? Imagine all the puppies, living life in peace.

We'd visit museums and libraries because Agador is nothing short of a scholar.

And of course we'd indulge in the finest coffees and wines.

He'd bring flowersΒ and prove himself worthy of the title: Coolest, Sweetest, Most Freakin' Adorable Pup on the Planet!

The love would grow, we'd adopt little ones of our own and doggie internet bae would clearly be the best father a pooch can possess.

Thank you Agador for being the unicorn we've all been waiting for!

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