Dog Who Paints Pictures Is Our New Favorite Paw-casso

A very good boy is building buzz with his art — but it's the way he holds the brush that will surprise you.

Meet Hunter, a 3-year-old Shiba Inu. He lives in Edmonton with his people, Kenny and Denise.

Like any other parents, they wanted their 3-year-old pupper to live his best life.

So they introduced Hunter to the timeless joys of painting, which has afforded him an outlet for personal discovery and artistic expression.

With kibble proffered as a reward, the handsome woofer quickly learned to put paint to canvas with short, confident strokes.

In an interview with VICE's Creators, the couple explains how they incentivized the creative process for their dogey doggo:

"Like all dog tricks and activities, Hunter is being rewarded to perform certain motions... When he learns a new trick, however, he is very visibly proud of himself, so it isn't just the treat that motivates him."

With the challenge also comes the opportunity for self-improvement and growth as a dog and a painter:

We can definitely see that he enjoys being placed in different environments and learning new things, especially after struggling with it. I think that is something that both an artist and [a] dog... can share."

While Hunter's technique may be rudimentary, the results are anything but.

His striking, ribbon-like color swathes congeal into compositions that, as VICE notes, "fall somewhere in the vast chasm between finger (paw?) painting and abstract expressionism."

What's next for this "Canine Caravaggio"? Commissions at his very own Etsy shop, where — if on-screen metrics are to be believed — this rising prodigy has already made an astounding 42 sales!

But lest the pressure to keep creating saps Hunter's burgeoning interest in the fine arts, Kenny notes that they "are fine to just keep these paintings for ourselves and see what other ways we can challenge him."

Embedded below: video of Hunter at work!