Tiny Kitten Recovering Nicely After Firefighters Find Him Inside A Wall

Remember playing hide and seek as a kid and finding a spot so good, you'd proudly whisper to yourself "they'll never find me here!" Then after about 20 minutes, the tone turned to a panicked, "they'll never find me here!" Same, with this adorable kitten who got stuck in a wall in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

hidden cat
credit: Hidden cat

The hide-and-seek pro was recused from inside a wall by the local Fire Department. Backup was called to help find the sneaky furball after a homeowner couldn't find the source of the "adorable meowing" heard throughout the house.

Just how good was this hiding spot? It was reported that the department had to use thermal imaging to detect where the kitten was hiding. Deputy Fire Chief Timothy Heiser told ABC News his crew would tap on the wall and listen for the cat's meows. "They got a thermal imaging camera... and knocking and going along the wall, they managed to find where the cat was."

Hidden cat
credit: Hidden cat

Once the hiding spot was detected, the homeowner agreed to let the fire department cut a small hole in the wall, where they found the hide-and-seek champion in good spirits, and were safely able to remove him.

The rescue was celebrated with a warm bath and some yummy food for the kitten.

hidden cat
credit: hidden cat

So, how did the sneaky kitty get there in the first place? The deputy hypothesized, "It was a stray that either the mother cat carried into the attic to keep it safe or gave birth up there, and this one just wandered."

Now, all that's left to do is find a forever home for this little guy. It should be pretty easy, he was taken to a no kill shelter, where several loving families have already inquired about adoption.