Drugged Dog Is In Such A Good Mood After His Surgery

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It's a pretty stressful experience taking a beloved pet in for surgery. The thing is, it can also be a straight-up hilarious event when your furball responds like a total loon to his surgery drugs.


Video of the Day

Such was the case for Sarah, who tweets under the handle @smack_that. Sarah had to take her pup in to get several tumors removed. The silver-lining of this stressful day was collecting her dog and seeing his drugged-out grin. She posted an amazing snap of her doggie's loopy as heck smile on Twitter with a pitch-perfect caption.


Naturally, the Internet embraced #druggodoggo with wide open arms. And the Internet returned the favor by bringing forth a bunch of photos of other people's silly, post-surgery pet pics.

Check out this druggo pup and THAT DRUGGO TONGUE!

This post-op doggie's zonked out stare is destroying us.

And omigoodness, this little one with the barely-open eyes and the UNDERBITE.

Of course, cats are just as capable of being silly on surgery drugz.

At least there's this silver lining to the very worrisome task of taking your furball in for an operation. We offer up the hashtag #druggopetsforever for future usage.

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Do you have any snaps of your healthy pet dazed and confused after a trip to the vet? Share them with us in the comments!