Watch 10 Dogs Do The Straight-Up Cutest Roll Call You’ve Ever Seen

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Remember that scene in ​The Sound of Music​ where the Von Trapp children line up at the stairs and do their adorable roll call? Like, how could a roll call get cuter than the freaking Von Trapp kids? With dogs — obviously, you guys.

Everything is always more adorable with dogs, this is practically a law of physics.

Meet the 10 most well-behaved doggies in the world: Delilah, Asher, Jinx, Mayhem, Chaos, Karma, Destiny, Kizzy, Siri, and Treble. They all stand at the bottom of the stairs and wait oh-so-patiently for their names to be called.


First goes Delilah.

Then there's Asher, Jinx, and Mayhem!

And heeeeeeere's Chaos, Karma, and Destiny.

Here comes Kizzy! (Love the name, girl!) (Though, to be fair, we absolutely love all these names.) Also Siri who leaps up the steps like five at a time, because Miss Lady has been WAITING.

And last, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, Treble!!!

Watch the insanely adorable video below. And may we say once more, for the record, GOOD DOGGIES!!!