Rescue Dog Immediately Goes To The Aid Of 3 Abandoned Kittens

If your first instinct with crying, motherless kittens is OMG MUST PROTECT, then you're not alone. When rescue dog Mika met three foster kittens, her first instinct was to guard them all night, licking and comforting them as if they were her own babies.

People Magazine reports that the three young kittens arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society after a patron had rescued them.

"A patron came in to the shelter around 6:15 p.m. She had three very small (likely a week old) kittens that she had found outside," adoption manager Lauren Gaddis told People. "She cared for them for two days but could not keep caring for them."

These one-week-old kittens came to us late the other night and went home to be mothered by a staff member's loving dog until we could find a permanent foster home for them. You can provide urgent supplies for these babes at

Posted by Atlanta Humane Society on Monday, March 27, 2017

It was too late to find them a foster home for the night, so Gaddis took the kittens home for the night, where she lives with her husband and her pets, including her rescue dog Mika.

Once Mika heard the babies crying, she immediately went into mom-mode.

"We let Mika smell them," Gaddis told People. "She quickly stood over and 'guarded' them from everyone else, letting them know these were her babies. "

Mika was adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society, where she was originally named Momma. Her mothering instincts are so strong that they even carry over to different animals, giving these kittens a loving and nurturing experience.

Many shelters rely on foster care to help with the large numbers of animals they take in everyday. Especially for young animals, like these kittens, having a nurturing home where they can get the care they need is the utmost importance.

The three kittens have been named Catherine, Tommy, and Heather, and are still in foster care.

To donate to the Atlanta Humane Society and to help foster and care for many animals in need, you can visit their website or Facebook, or even buy them something from their Amazon wish list.