It’s Official: These Are The 10 Best US Cities For Pets

The real estate website Trulia just came out with the best cities in America for pets to live, and we want to move to ALL of them. Because they are such rad cities in their own right, obviously. And NOW that we know they're great places to have pets? We are SOLD!

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Take a look at the list below and start dreaming of your big move.

10. San Francisco

NOW we get why Comet in Full House was such a happy pup. He lives in one of the best cities in America to be a pooch!

9. Seattle

Look, we're just saying, maybe Tom Hanks wouldn't have been so Sleepless in Seattle if he had a pet. Or multiple pets. That house was huge!

8. Tucson

As a American city, Tucson doesn't tend to get a ton of national love, but that might change now that people know Tucson is the number eight city in America to have pets!

7. Chicago

Yes, let's all move to Chicago, great culture, great pizza, and great place to have dogs and cats!

6. Lake/Kenosha Counties IL-WI

Okay, so this is technically more of an area than a city, but still, point taken, and score again for the Midwest!

5. Tacoma, Washington

If you are a ski bunny and a pet lover, head's up: You should probably be living in Tacoma.

4. Portland, Oregon

The dream of the '90s is alive in Portland! If you've always wanted to run a feminist book store and have a cat constantly snoozing on the employee-recommends shelf, then Portland is your place!

3. Madison, Wisconsin

Man, the Midwest really IS a great place to have pets. Also, you got the cheese and the beer. Sweet life, man, sweet life.

2. San Diego, California

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For sun lovers and pet lovers, San Diego is the place to be!

1. Denver, Colorado

Denver at number one, wahoo!

Courtesy of Trulia, here's the list with all the pet scores!

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Did your city get overlooked? Tell us where you live and why it's an awesome town for pets in the comment section!