Clueless Cat Can't Find The Bird He's Been Chasing

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No one has the heart to tell this sweet cat that the bird he's been running after is on his head.

Though not as hostile as the classic cat and mouse relationship, cats and birds love to tease and pester one another. And these two, in particular, delight in gently tormenting each other. They had been playing a game of chase when the bird decidedly found an ideal hiding spot, the cat's head.

It's difficult to determine a "winner" in the game of chase especially if no one is "caught." But we're going to go out on a limb and say the bird won this round.


This video is almost too hilarious/precious to watch. The cat is hot on the bird's trail... if someone could just tell him which way he went.

It's delightfully endearing to watch the cat search, and even more enjoyable to see how smug that bird is behaving. We can just imagine the bird, softly coaxing the cat, "Warmer, warmer, oop colder. Warmer, warmer..."

Only time will tell if this poor cat will ever be able to find the bird. In the meantime we love the look on the cat's face that says "You guys would tell me if there was a bird on my head, right?"

Sure, buddy. We'd tell ya.