Tall Dog Cutting Path In Snow For Shorter Dog Is The Stuff Of Which #BFFGoals Are Made

We all need a leg up from time to time. Sometimes that help is figurative, and sometimes that help is literal.

German Shepherd rescues Pit Bull stuck in snow
Not all heroes wear capes
credit: Brian Wagner / YouTube

Such was the conundrum that Knuckles, a loveable Pit Bull, found himself in after a storm dumped more than 2 feet of powder on the greater Albany area in early March.

Mired in a snowdrift, this woofer is at a loss on how to return to his owner who is beckoning off-camera. The mind is cooperative, but the legs are not.

Enter his BFF, Kanawha.

Recognizing that Knuckles is in a pickle, he flashes a quick look at said owner — "I GOT THIS" — before springing into action.

German Shepherd rescues Pit Bull stuck in snow
"It's always something with him, AM I RIGHT?"
credit: Brian Wagner / YouTube

What happens next probably won't blow your mind, but it will warm your heart.

German Shepherd rescues Pit Bull stuck in snow
"Slide me a bone sometime and we'll call it even."
credit: Brian Wagner / YouTube

Embedded below: the adorable rescue in full. Press play to watch!

Great job, everyone!

Cat high fives human
credit: GIPHY

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