Cat Couldn't Care Less About Elaborate, DIY Cardboard Palace

Don't let the recent headlines fool ya: Cats are heartless jerks that just DGAF.

Take, for example, Prince Peachblossom here.

He's an exotic shorthair that lives with his human mom, Frances, somewhere in New Zealand.

Like most pet owners, she wants her little Prince to live his very best life. So she spoils him rotten.

With bananas (because potassi-YUM)...

...warm fires to cozy up next to...

...and even the occasional bike ride.

Earlier in the month, Frances raised her crazy cat lady game to the next level.

Using a glue gun and a cache of cardboard boxes left over from a recent move, she built Prince Peachblossom a 4-story, 8-room palace, complete with tunnels and ramps that link everything on the inside.

According to an interview with The Dodo, construction took 5 and a half hours β€” or roughly the amount of time you need to successfully place an order at any Shake Shack.

And the kingly design spared no detail. Included were balconies...

...and windows...

...and skybridges.

You might imagine as a result that the future monarch would be pleased with this grand castle.


After a grand total of 10 minutes, he was over it.

"#thanksbutnothanks", read one hashtag.

Even more rude? Prince Peachblossom ghosted his palace like a bad match on Tinder: He "has completely ignored it since... I think he was disappointed it wasn't food," Frances told The Dodo.

Still, love has no limits and Frances says she regrets nothing and would do it all over again if she had to.

Have you made an elaborate play palace for your cat? Tell us abut it in the comments!