17 Dogs Who Make The Perfect Wing Man

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Finding the perfect wing man is hard, but if you're looking for a way to start talking to that beautiful stranger, a cute dog is a great icebreaker. Here are some of the internet's best wing dogs.


1. This wing dog knows the drill.

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2. A good wing dog holds your seat at the bar, while you scope out the scene.

3. A good wing dog helps you put together the perfect online dating profile.

4. This wing dog/butterfly is proud of you.

5. A good wing dog can charm his way into anything.

6. Remember 101 Dalmatians? Pongo was the original wing dog.

7. A good wing dog hoists your spirits with terrible puns.

8. A good wing dog will vet potential mates.

9. It's important to make sure that your wing dog isn't more charming than you are.

10. A good wing dog will endure awkward conversations while you get your flirt on.

11. A good wing dog is always there to give your self-confidence a boost.

12. A good wing dog knows how to hang back and chill.

13. A good wing dog must also be a good drinking buddy.

14. Look, a wing dog can only do so much of the work for you.

15. A good wing dog makes you look and feel like a bad ass.

16. A good wing dog can get the conversation going.

17. A good wing dog knows how to seal the deal.