“Cheesecake” The Capybara Chauffeurs Her Hen BFF Around The Farm

While Moonpie the mini-cow is hogging the spotlight for her moo-sguided notions that she's a pupper, an animal refuge in Arkansas is also home to another unlikely pair of BFF's — a capybara named "Cheesecake" and her chicken BFF.

Capybara's are the largest rodents in the world, known for their close (and adorable!) resemblance to gigantic guinea pigs. According to this chicken living on Rocky Ridge Refuge, Capybaras also make the perfect bird chauffeurs.

Capybara grazing at the river edge with a Cowbird on its back
credit: Uwe-Bergwitz/iStock/GettyImages

It even happens in the wild! This Cowbird is getting a lift on a grazing Capybara like it's NBD. Maybe Capybaras are the Uber's of the animal world?

Whether it's Cheescake's sturdy, compact build and cozy fur, her easy-going temperament, or her great sense of direction, her chicken bestie wouldn't imagine getting around any other way. The friendship started about nine months ago, when this spunky chicken jumped on Cheesecake's back for a ride, and has been going strong ever since.

Keep watching Rocky Ridge Refuge's Facebook page to see what other peculiar animal friendships develop!