19 Things You Know Are True If Your Dog Is An Introvert

Is your pup more cuddle bug than party animal? Here are 15 signs they may be an introvert.

Shy Dog
credit: abhiishek/iStock/GettyImages

1. They sneak away from parties without saying goodbye.

2. They're quiet around strangers.

3. They prefer a spa night to a night out. #selfhealing

4. They'd work remotely from home every day if they could.

5. They're always down to Netflix and chill.

6. If given the choice, they'd be at your side 24-7-365.

7. They aren't afraid to cut the chitchat short in social settings.

8. They pride themselves on being self-sufficient types that know how to pull their own weight.

9. They always know how to spot an easy exit from crowded places.

10. They get bashful when you try to snap a picture.

11. They're slow to open up to new folks.

12. They're always happy to entertain themselves.

13. They actively avoid anything that involves audience participation.

14. They aren't wild about unexpected guests at the house.

15. They know that impulsive behavior is a slippery slope, so they always try to watch and learn before doing anything for the first time.

16. They're reluctant networkers.

17. They love dance, but they hate sharing their sweet moves.

18. They like to eat alone.

19. They wear sunglasses — everywhere!

Cool dog on train wearing sunglasses
credit: @kidd_kong78