23 Animals Who Are You After Seeing A Spider

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These completely terrified and totally freaked out animals are all of us after seeing a (shudder) spider!

1.When you first realize there is a spider in the room.

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2. When something brushes up against your leg.

Because you straight-up FELT it.


3. And for one interminable moment you are frozen in fear.

4. You try so hard to be cool, but your eyes betray you.


Try as you might, you cannot control your face.


6. This tiny little creeper is causing you to literally make the stupidest faces in the world.

7. How are you supposed to be cool about this? The creepy-crawler just snuck up on you, like an eight-legged ninja!!

8. And it takes, like, a solid second for your reflexes to kick in.

9. But once they've kicked in, you basically can't control your limbs anymore.

10. You're having a pretty hard time with the whole breathing thing.

11. You don't think you'll ever be able to shut your eyes ever again.

12. And the only word you can get out of your mouth is...

13. When it, like, kind of crawls towards you, and you're like "NOPE, NOT TODAY, MISTER."

14. And there's like, a second where you think you're going to be brave and get a glass and a magazine and try to bring it outside and then you're like "YOU KNOW WHAT, NEVER MIND."

15. "Is spider gone yet?"

At some point you always end up on someone's lap.


16. "I thought I saw a spider, don't judge."

Look, you've ended up in a lot of compromising positions as a result of your arachnophobia.


17. Spiders seriously bring out your most embarrassing faces/screams.

18. You can't help it, you just gotta run out of the room...

19. Make that out of the house...

20. Just to be safe, out of the solar system...

21. And all your friends who are also terrified of spiders join you.

22. Oh, you know what's fun? When you think it's dead, but it's NOT.

23. Spiders. Ugh. The WORST.

If you need me, I'll be in a different galaxy.