These Wild Sewer Cats Use City Streets As Their Playground

Stray cats playing in sewer drains is a photo series you didn't know you needed.

These Wild Sewer Cats Use City Streets As Their Playground
credit: Nyan Kichi

Photographer Nyan Kichi captures images of these playful kitties in action, diving in and out of holes in the gutters, chasing each other, and having a grand time doing what cats do — namely cram themselves into things that are far smaller than physics would suggest possible.

These cats certainly know how to keep themselves entertained — using the cars, boxes, bikes, and even the street itself as an urban playground.

Even their photographer friend makes a fantastic climbing toy.

The frisky felines dive in the holes….

Only to pop back out again.

Their clumsy cat action never gets tiring to watch.

Nyan Kichi will even participate in the fun, pestering the cats with his plastic red hammer. The strays don’t seem to mind, so long as they can fight back…

The “Whack-a-Mole” action is hilarious to humans.

But the cats are not as amused.

Who knew that the sewers made for such amazing play?

After a long day of climbing in and out of drain holes, the cats need to recover with a nap.

But it's not long before they are at it again.

For more hilarious photos of cats climbing in and out of the sewer drains, check out Nyan Kichi's Instagram.