Why Sylvester Stallone Once Had To Sell His Beloved Dog For Grocery Money

We all know who Sylvester Stallone is. He's Rocky. He's the champ. He's the star of the Oscar- winning film, Rocky. But he wasn't always the superstar we know now.

Premiere Of MGM's 'Rocky Balboa' - Arrivals
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In fact, before he was famous, Sly was so strapped for cash that he once had to sell his dog. Now, hold on! Before you start crying, we're here to tell you that alls well that ends well — because once Rocky was a hit, Stallone was able to buy him back!

Sylvester Stallone
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This week, Stallone composed a touching #TBT Instagram tribute to Butkus!

"I had to sell him for $40 in front of a 7-Eleven store, because I couldn't afford food, then like A modern day miracle, the screenplay for Rocky sold, and I could buy and buy him back, but the new owner knew I was desperate, and charged me $15,000," Stallone wrote. "He was worth every penny!"

He went on to explain that when he was really down on his luck, his dog was his best friend.

Sly wrote, "When I was 26, totally broke, going nowhere VERY fast, owned two pair of pants that barely fit, shoes that had holes in them and dreams of being successful were as far away as the sun… But I had my dog, BUTKUS, my best friend, my confidant, Who always laughed at my jokes, and put up with my moods, and was the one living thing that loved me for who I was!"

How many of us can relate to that with our pets? ALL the unconditional love! Now go snuggle with your furry friend and thank them for loving you through it all!