Good Samaritan Tries To Free Stuck Squirrel With Butter, Fails

"Buttery And Ashamed" This Squirrel Is All Of Us

Do you remember the last time you got stuck? Perhaps it was on one of those weird, plastic patio chairs or maybe you were that kid who stuck their head between the balusters of a stair railing, like this kid from the Full House crew.

Kid head's stuck in stair case railing.  Funny
Full House head stuck in stair case railing.

If you ever had the misfortune of realizing,"OH CRAP, I'M STUCK," then you'll immediately relate to this poor squirrel, stuck in a dumpster.

And if you can remember that time you got stuck — which of course you can, because it was traumatic — then you'd remember that you would settle for anything possible to help you get unstuck. LITERALLY ANYTHING.

Having suffered from being stuck an unfortunate number of times, we think we know where a passerby good Samaritan got the idea for their in-the-moment rescue scheme. In the 1990 episode of Full House, "Adventures in Babysitting," the crazy Tanner kids had the same genius idea to help someone in a similar situation: butter.

The kids decide to use butter on the boy's entire head.
His Whole HEAD!

And so, unfortunately the Good Samaritan who tried to help the little squirrel break free of the dumpster hole made the decision to slather butter on the bushy-tailed rodent.

Good Samaritan Tries To Free Stuck Squirrel With Butter, Fails
Apply butter directly to the forehead

Lucky for this adorable squirrel — who let's be real, is honestly making this terribly embarrassing situation as good as it possibly can be — an animal rescue group stepped in to save the day. The Animal Rescue League of Boston was able to free the squirrel, describing the slathered squirrel as "buttery and ashamed."

In the future, should you see a stuck squirrel, we encourage you to fight the urge to use your inventive brain to try to get it free, but instead to call your local animal rescue center.

And true happy endings do exist: The squirrel is now at the New England Wildlife Center, which is is a science education center and a wildlife hospital in Weymouth, MA.