11 Questions Cats Are Asking Google

Like humans, cats have questions. And when they need answers, they do what we do: pull the computer close and turn to Google.

Cat types furiously on Apple laptop
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According to some super top secret search data that's been leaked exclusively to Cuteness.com, we now know what they're searching for.

Kitten typing furiously
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And the results might BLOW YOUR FRICKIN MIND.

Cat's mind is blown by squirrel on laptop
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1. "What is the best way to open a can of tuna if you don't have opposable thumbs?"

Cat surfing internet on laptop
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2. "If pizza is round, then why does it come in a square box?"

Orange cat surfing internet on laptop
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3. "Did Han and Chewie really make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? DID THEY ~REALLY~?"

Lil Bub shocked by what she finds surfing web on laptop
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4. "The thing the humans call a 'vacuum': How can I destroy it?"

Cat's mind blown by image of itself on laptop screen
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5. "I've used 8 of my 9 lives. Can I get mohr?"

Cat typing like a crazy man on laptop
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6. "How many open tabs is too many open tabs? (This one is 4 a friend, don't @ me.)"

Orange kitten sitting on open MacBook
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7. "What is tacocat spelled backwards? (Oh.)"

Fluffy cat surfing internet on laptop
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8. "Where are the restaurants near me that don't charge extra for guac?"

Telemarketer cat typing on keyboard
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9. "When will the dog finally realize that he's actually the good boy?"

Cat surfing web on mini desktop computer wants free guac
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10. "'How To Kill A Mockingbird' provides no advice of the kind. How can I report the author for false advertising?"

Biped cat stands at desktop computer workstation
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11. "Wut iz lolcat and how can I haz?"

If not for sits why it is made of warm?
credit: LOLCats.com

What's puzzling your kitty? Share their questions in the comments below!