Literally Just 15 Perfect Pictures Of Dogs Rocking Sunglasses

Almost everybody looks cooler when they wear a sweet pair of sunnies. Dogs, it seems, are no exception!

Why? Why not!

NBD, just a dog in mirrored sunglasses rocking back and forth in a swing
credit: GIPHY

1. "My outfits are always color-coordinated."

2. "No time for questions, just get in."

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3. "Wake me up when we get to the beach." — this smol woofer

4. Fact: The only thing better than one doggo in sunglasses is two doggos in ~matching~ sunglasses.

5. Whatever floats your boat, AM I RIGHT?

6. "In my spare time, I'm a model for Ray-Ban." #dealwithit

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7. When you put a literal twist on puppy love.

8. Because sharing shades with your bestie is the actual embodiment of #BFFGoals.

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9. Now this is what we call art.

10. It should go without saying, but no list of dogs in sunglasses would be complete without at least one adorable puppy.

11. The best thing about the doggie paddle is that you don't need to take your sunnies off. #CroakiesFTW

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12. "I try to temper my pessimism by looking at everything through rose-tinted glasses."

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13. "The best thing about the dog park? It's a cat-free space."

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14. "Human, take me to the nearest Starbucks. I'm ready for my daily Puppuccino."

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15. "This was an outtake from my fashion shoot for American Apparel."

BONUS: You might be cool but you'll never be as cool as this dog wearing yellow wayfarers and sneakers on the subway in New York City.

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