Mom Makes Mini Versions Of Her Dinners For Pampered Pooch Every Night

Some dogs eat better than you and I. Tiny the papillon is one of them.

In an update posted to Twitter last week, Ashton Burton, a Texas teen, revealed that her mom prepares little, smol-sized dinners for their pupper every night.

And as the images below make clear, there are some tasty nom-nom-nomables in the Burton family cookbook.

Like quesadillas...


...chicken with rice...

...and turkey and asparagus.

Because the internet LOVES relatable stories of this kind (see: Guy Makes Mini-Pancakes For Out Of Town Girlfriend), the tweet trended to the top of the microblogging platform after people started sharing their feelings on this very important topic.

Some found it aspirational.

While others were moved to literal tears.

The term 'relatable' also got kicked around a bunch...

...and with good reason.

There was also no shortage of relevant memes...

...and even a few words of caution. 😂

When Tiny isn't breaking bread with the fam, he's chasing tennis balls (as one does).

This photoset from 2016 also captures him doing some other typically adorable doggo stuff.

Do you share treats with your woofer? Tell us about it in the comments below!