What People Did For A Dog Killed During Swedish Terror Attack Is So Heartwarming

A terror attack in Sweden rocked the world last week. The devastating incident left four people dead and more than a dozen others injured. We can add one more name to the list of casualties, however: Iggy, a dog who was killed during the attack.

Even though Iggy hasn't been included in most of the news coverage of the event, the people of Stockholm are certainly mourning his loss.

Memorials for the humans who were injured and killed in the attack began to pop up immediately, but, according to The Dodo, Markus Krantz — who lives near where the memorials went up — noticed that Iggy didn't have a presence among the mourned, and he decided to fix that.

Markus took it upon himself to start Iggy's memorial with a collar that belonged to his first dog, Ebba, who passed away over the summer. He posted a picture of his tribute to Facebook, along with an explanation about why he had done it and, from there, the outpouring of love for Iggy spread quickly.

People have been leaving everything from flowers to toy dogs to honor Iggy's memory, and the whole scene is so beautiful, it might make you legitimately tear up.

Rest in peace, Iggy. You were loved and you are missed.