Watch As Squirrel Who Lives On Mini Golf Course Dines On Mini Ice Cream Cones

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Meet Putter, a cute little squirrel that hangs out at Fantasy Isle Ice Cream & Mini Golf at Holden Beach in North Carolina. Putter's got it good — instead of foraging for nuts like a basic squirrel, she prefers to dine upon specially made squirrel-sized ice cream cones.

But here's the thing, according to a recent newspaper article in the Miami Herald, wild animals (like squirrels) should eat wild animal food and NOT mini ice-cream cones.

To us they're just the tips of sugar cones, but to Putter the squirrel, they're life.

Jessie Birchhead, an extension biologist with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, who was interviewed for the article, warns that "It's not good for the animal because you're teaching that animal to expect food from people". Well shit.


Since Putter's on a very careful diet of two miniature ice creams cones per day, courtesy of the staff at Fantasy Isle Ice Cream, we're giving Putter and her people a pass. Also, it's really really cute.

And really, we can't resist the pics of Putter and her ice cream habit on Fantasy Isle's Facebook page!


So when you're tempted to feed the squirrels, or other wildlife cuties, just remember that's it's bad news for the animals. If you need a cute fix, you can always visit us here at!