The Reason This Dog Is Attending A Furry Convention Will Make You LOL

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Do you know what furry is? Because you'll need to for this inadvertently hilarious story to make sense.

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Furries are actual human people who enjoy dressing up like big furry creatures (cats, dogs, basically anything that could be a high school mascot) and are often turned on by doing so.

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Everyone caught up? Good, then we can proceed. Cheryl Wassus is a Pets for Vets volunteer and animal lover, so when she heard about the Motor City Furry Convention last weekend, she figured she would check it out and spread the word about the organization she works with.

"This is just a whole subculture I wasn't even aware existed," Wassus told New York magazine. "The only furry I'd ever seen was at Easter, when somebody might put on one of those gigantic Easter-bunny costumes at a local egg hunt."

But the furries loved her furry friend and posed for pictures with him.

Her son, Kenny Wassus, posted the hilarious snafu to Twitter and, naturally, the whole thing has gone viral.