Ninja Cat Does The Unimaginable To Escape Boring Baseball Game

FACT: Baseball can be, well, boring AF. The obvious antidote to this tedium: more cats.

Ninja cat scales outfield fence at Marlins Park during MLB game
credit: MLB / YouTube

That was the spectacle fans were treated to Tuesday night when the Miami Marlins hosted the Atlanta Braves in a matchup of rival NL East squads.

Midway through the top of the 6th inning, a Russian Blue was spotted slinking around center field. Time was called and efforts were made to safely remove the feline interloper, first by Giancarlo Stanton, a slugger with the Marlins, and then a member of the team's grounds crew.

Kitty decided she wasn't having any of their overtures — "Hell nah", she told reporters after the game * — and promptly scooted off, hugging the warning track much to the delight of the 36,519 fans in attendance.

When she wound her way to the giant video scoreboard sitting in left-center field, a blinking advertisement caught her attention. After sizing up the 13-foot wall, the athletic stray zoomed up the mesh fencing overlaid on top of it like a frickin' boss.

"Terrific stuff by the cat. Outstanding!", beamed Rich Waltz, one of the Marlins' announcers, on the game's telecast.

After a brief pause below a yellow ledge, #rallycat resumed her ascent. At the top, she found a cozy, human-free perch from which to take in the rest of the tilt: the Marlins' home run sculpture, a garish installation that lights up, sprays water, and does other flashy things when the home team goes yard.

And while the park's social team was quick to capitalize on the cat's viral buzz, they also had the foresight to disable the gaudy features that might further spook what was likely a stressed animal.

Following the game (won by the Marlins, 8-4, btw), the home team announced that the elusive baserunner had vanished as quickly as she arrived.

Watch the whole thing below by pressing play (ball) below:

  • = This didn't happen, obviously, but let's just pretend it did, k?

UPDATE: This lucky ninja cat returned the next night and was promptly adopted. Good job, sports!