6800 Cows Gather Every Time Farmer Plays A Special Song On His Trombone

Meet Ed Henderson. He's the owner of Shenandoah Dairy, a 5th-generation family farm in Live Oak, Florida.

When he's not tending to his herd of 6,800 cows, he likes to play the trombone, an instrument he picked up in elementary school.

Perfectly normal, right? But when Henderson started blowing cool in his backyard, he attracted an unexpected audience: the bovines!

"All the cows came up to the fence. I had a full audience. They're not particularly critical, either."

As he explains in a new video from Great Big Story (embedded below), "cows are very much creatures of habit... the music is something that's out of the norm and that's why they're entertained."

So popular, in fact, are the hot jazz tunes with the cattle that the "one-off backyard practice sessions [have] turned into ... regular gig[s]."

At the risk of milking the concept dry, Henderson even invited a 17-piece band onto his property to jam out.

Press play for the full concert experience!

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