16 Pets Who Are Disappointed With You, Human

They're not mad, just a little disappointed.

1. "My bad, I thought I saw you reaching for the leash."

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2.  "Well, I was sleeping there. Maybe next time just make the bed around me, okay?"

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3. "What is this fresh hell? You told me we we're going to the dog park."

4. "Ohhhh, I see how it is. I thought we we're sharing the bacon."

5. "If that's it for the crickets, could you at least turn the heat lamp up a couple of degrees?"

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6. "Do you tell all the dogs that they're good boys?"

7. "You're going out? At this hour? I was kinda hoping we could Netflix & chill."

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8. "I know it's July, but can you turn the space heater back on?"

9. "You put snails in my fish tank? SNAILS?"

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10. "Oats? Oats, again? Would it kill you to work in an apple every so often?"

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11. "Brian, we need to talk about this proposed cat adoption."

12. "A brown belt with black pants? I think you know better than that."

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13. "It's fine, focus on what you need to do. I'll just sit here by myself, cold and shivering."

14. "It's not that I CAN'T eat the dry stuff... "

15. "I'm not saying it's my way or the highway, but I thought we had some standards around here."

16. "It's okay, just be more careful where you throw the tennis ball next time."

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