16 Pets Who Are Disappointed With You, Human

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They're not mad, just a little disappointed.


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1. "My bad, I thought I saw you reaching for the leash."

2.  "Well, I was sleeping there. Maybe next time just make the bed around me, okay?"

3. "What is this fresh hell? You told me we we're going to the dog park."

4. "Ohhhh, I see how it is. I thought we we're sharing the bacon."

5. "If that's it for the crickets, could you at least turn the heat lamp up a couple of degrees?"

6. "Do you tell all the dogs that they're good boys?"

7. "You're going out? At this hour? I was kinda hoping we could Netflix & chill."

8. "I know it's July, but can you turn the space heater back on?"

9. "You put snails in my fish tank? SNAILS?"

10. "Oats? Oats, again? Would it kill you to work in an apple every so often?"

11. "Brian, we need to talk about this proposed cat adoption."

12. "A brown belt with black pants? I think you know better than that."

13. "It's fine, focus on what you need to do. I'll just sit here by myself, cold and shivering."

14. "It's not that I CAN'T eat the dry stuff... "

15. "I'm not saying it's my way or the highway, but I thought we had some standards around here."

16. "It's okay, just be more careful where you throw the tennis ball next time."

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