17 Snuggle Butts Who Are Oversharing On Instagram

Of course we know that human beings can be guilty of oversharing on social media. As it turns out, pets are also prone to sharing too much on Le Instagram, and they can be just as silly (if not sillier) than their people.

17 Pets Who Are Oversharing Too Much On Instagram
credit: Instagram

Check out some of our favorite examples of furball oversharing:

1.When dogs do selfies, and they basically show the insides of their nostrils.

2. They can also be really aggressive with tongue.

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3. Cats are also completely shameless with their tongues.

4. And while we're on topic, Dear Cats of Instagram, you don't actually have to post snaps of your grooming habits.

5. Cats are also guilty of the Instagram cliche to end all Instagram cliches, the "This is what I'm eating for dinner" Instagram.

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6. Dogs are absolutely guilty of this oversharing trope as well.

7. Speaking of ugh, get a room you guys.

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8. Yo, you two can also get a room.

9. This cat pic is appropriately hashtagged with the now-legendary Titanic quote "Paint my like one of your French girls," because, well, just LOOK.

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10. There's actually a #PaintMeLikeOneOfYourFrenchCats hashtag on Instagram, because, well, cats.

11. Dogs pull this ish too, by the by.

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12. And what about dogs shamelessly bragging about their awesome vacations on Insta?

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13. Like, we GET it. You went and had a glamorous trip, and we had to stay home and work.

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14. BTW, cats can also be really obnoxo about their vacation snaps.

15. And of course there's that classic overly-posed shot with your friends/future dinner.

16. Check out this kitty, who made her person take a burst on her iPhone so she could have this mid-air shot.

17. We'd be irked with all your posturing on social media, but you guys are so freaking adorable we'll let your oversharing slide. (Humans, we still have our eye on you.)