13 Pets Who Would Like To Remind You To Recycle

Happy Earth Day! In honor of this day honoring our beautiful planet (and reminding us to all do our part to keep it beautiful), here are 15 pets who would like to remind you to recycle, please.

1. This dog who is currently cleaning up after us all.

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2. This cat who knows he likes recycling bins at least, and, hey, that's a start.

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3. This pug who basically starred in a PSA about how to sort your recycling correctly.

4. This dog who is here to remind you to break down your boxes when you recycle.

5. These little guys who know that teamwork makes the (recycling) dream work.

6. This dog who should star in every pro-recycling poster ever.

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7. This dog who uses a reusable water bottle and shames you a little for your disposable plastic bottle use.

8. This dog who is like, "Excuse me, but I think you dropped this on accident because you obviously meant to recycle it, right?"

9. This dog who knows recycling is a trick worth learning at any age (and any species).

10. This dog who knows recycling also includes reusing and found a GREAT new use for an old plastic bottle — as a fetch toy.

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11. These dogs who take river clean up very seriously.

12. This dog who is an absolute recycling champ.

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13. This dog who is trying to help, but making a bit of a mess in the process. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

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