Neighbor Dogs Party On Roof Like It's 1999

Sound the 🚨 Epic Viral Twitter Thread Alarm™ 🚨 because we have an epic viral Twitter thread to share.

On Thursday, Cooper Fleishman, an editor with millennial wailing wall Mic[dot]com, posted a text he received from his mother.

The screenshot carried an urgent and unexpected message: "My neighbors' dogs just pushed out the screen window and they're on the roof. Dog party!" (Bolding ours.)

Astounding stuff, right? The answer to a classic '90s cold case — Baha Men's unanswered magnum opus, "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT (?)" — had finally been cracked. It was the dogs, the dogs themselves all along.

Exactly eight minutes later, Fleishman updated the still embryonic thread. Those following along at home or on their mobile device waited with their breath baited.

Like any good journo, he asked for more information. And additional image assets. (As one does.)

Mom's response struck a rich vein of social media gold.

"I called the house and no one answered. (I was hoping the dogs would jump back in and get the phone.) I called the 'mom' at work. She's a school secretary in [the] Rehoboth area. I didn't want to worry her, but there's no pleasant way to say 'your dogs are on the roof.'" (This is a 100 percent true statement.)

With the panicked homeowner in route to round up her wayward woofers, the story headed for a happy resolution.

But things took a dramatic turn when passing motorists glimpsed this most unusual of scenes unfolding before them.

When the rooftop doggos ignored her pleas to return inside, Fleishman's mom reached for a box of dog treats. Did the teen in the car have a strong arm, she wanted to know?

While the boy was cooperative, his appended limb was not: All of the biscuit-based dietary supplement projectiles feel short of their mark and were promptly gobbled up by the opportunistic hounds.

"They were clearly having a party and did not want to go back through the window inside the house," she wrote.

But just when the situation appeared most dire, a breakthrough — and a scolding. "I could hear her saying 'you're bad!' as soon as she [the dog's owner] hit the driveway," Mrs. Fleishman reported.

But Tucker, one of the canine culprits, was not so eager to give up his newfound freedom. Nor would he go quietly or without protest.

A review of the evidence subsequently revealed that the wily boxer, pictured below, had engineered the jailbreak.

Dogs party on roof after pushing window screen out
credit: @_Cooper / Twitter

"She had left the glass window open... so that they could have fresh air. He pawed at the screen through that opening and tore it. Then he... used his head and shoulders to slide the glass window up," read Fleishman's final text.

You know what they say: Give a dog an inch and they'll take a mile.

In a postscript, Cooper closed this most monumental of tweet storms by tying up the last remaining loose end.

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