Contractor Discovers A Litter Of Puppies, Learns They Are Something Else Entirely

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Craig Mcgettrick and a friend were cleaning out a garden in England when they found an old mattress covering a litter of five puppies—or so Craig thought.

As people on Facebook were quick to point out, however, the little guys weren't puppies at all, but baby foxes. Their mother, it seemed, had been using the old mattress as her den.

One especially helpful friend, Karen Barb Lesley Clark, commented on Craig's Facebook pictures of the cubs with some very sound advice. "[F]ox cubs should always be returned to the find area and wait for mum to come calling trust me she will!"


That's exactly what Craig did, and it paid off. The mama vixen came back for one of the cubs about an hour after he returned the babies. Then, once night fell, she returned for the others.

Lesson to all of us: Make SURE the puppies you rescue are actually puppies before you take them away from the place they've been "abandoned."