Watch As April The Giraffe (Finally) Greets Her Brand New Baby

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Exciting news this morning: After an extended pregnancy, April the giraffe has finally given birth to her new calf!


The magic moment was live streamed on Facebook earlier today, where it has been viewed more than 7.9 million times.

According to April's handlers at Animal Adventure Park, a zoo located in Harpursville, New York, she went into labor a little after 7:00 am ET.


Three hours later, at around 10:00 am ET, the new calf, her fourth and his first, dropped into the world hoof-and-head first.

As NBC notes, this is a normal part of any giraffe birth.

"The abrupt 6-foot fall helps break the amniotic sac and encourages the baby giraffe to breathe, according to the zoo. Newborn giraffes usually start standing within hours — a feat that helps them avoid predators in nature."

In an update posted to Twitter, officials confirmed that the new calf, which is as-yet unnamed, is already moving about on all fours.


Though no measurements have been released thus far, baby giraffes typically rise to the height of an average man and weigh 150 lbs at birth. (Writer's note: Mind. Officially. Blown.)

Because giraffes are beautiful and awesome AF, April rose to viral fame earlier in the year on the strength of a live-stream cam the zoo fixed on her enclosure.

While animal rights activists weren't pleased with this development (and YouTube temporarily pulled the video feed due to complaints), media and general public interest in April continued to swell, as the much-anticipated pregnancy went on for weeks.


And here's where evolutionary forces are at work: Because the species has learned to mask their labor from would-be predators, it's tricky to say when a female is in labor until the calf's hoof starts to emerge.

As might be expected, the baby's arrival was widely celebrated on social media, where the news immediately trended of pretty much all platforms everywhere.

The staff here at Cuteness[dot]com passes their congrats to the happy new fam and everyone at the zoo. Great job, team!

The only thing needed now? A name for the newly-famous calf. Share your ideas in the comments below!