You Can Name April The Giraffe’s Brand New Baby Boy

If you were among the 12 million people who watched as April the Giraffe gave birth, then you understand how invested April's fans are in her story.

The 15-year-old resident of the New York's Animal Adventure Park kept viewers waiting for months and finally gave birth this weekend to a healthy young boy.

Now, April's public are waiting to know what her son will be named. But, that's where we all come in (again). The Animal Adventure Park is taking name suggestions. For a donation of just $5, you can submit five name suggestions (go here if you're ready to splurge on dozens of baby giraffe names like we are).

After 10 days, the Animal Adventure Park will post the top 10 choices and we're all welcome to come back to the site and vote for five days. At the end, the name with the most votes will be April's baby's name.

All funds raised will go to good causes, too. They'll be split between the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the Ava's Little Heroes event, named after the daughter of the park owners, who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy, and the Animal Adventure Park itself.

So what are you waiting for? Start voting at