April The Giraffe Kicks Her Vet In The Crotch, Twice

Nobody puts April the Giraffe's baby in a corner.

April the giraffe kicks veterinarian in the crotch
April the Giraffe to veterinarian: "Stay in your lane."
credit: ScubaSnacks / YouTube

A doctor at Animal Adventure Park learned this lesson the hard way when he got a little too close to the protective mama's newborn calf.

The price for his brazen intrusion into their safe space? Two kicks to the crotch (which, as The Simpsons has taught us, is never not funny)!

Fortunately, the unnamed veterinarian wasn't hurt — and the video closes with an uneasy truce of sorts when the man trades a nom-able treat in exchange for passage out of the animal's enclosure.

Let's just say he'll be more careful the next time; watch the hilarity below!

In related April the giraffe news, a checkup of the 5-day-old giraffe earlier in the week was much more successful (i.e. no crotches were kicked).

According to an update posted to the zoo's Facebook page, the baby got a clean bill of health from his handlers at the zoo:

"This morning the team got hands on with baby to do a full vet check and record height and weight.

Height: 5' 9" Weight: 129 lbs (there is a weight drop the first 24 hours)

Baby checks out just perfect!

Nursing strongly this morning without any concerns.

April has recovered perfectly and is eating everything in sight!"

Less than a week old and already taller than grown men? This writer's mind is officially blown.

Want to suggest a handle for the as yet unnamed giraffe?

Bounce on over to Animal Adventure Park's website, where, for $5, you can submit your ideas, the best of which will be subsequently put to an internet vote.

Opinions here at Cuteness HQ are running hot, but some (okay, just me) are currently coalescing around Giraffey McGiraffeface.

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