Middle-Aged Male Pets Are More Likely To Destroy Your Stuff Because Boys

Look, we love our boy dogs and our dude cats. They are hilarious and so very smart and just the sweetest. But it's time for numbers talk, and statistically male pets are more likely to cause you trouble than their lady counterparts.

The electronics protection-plan provider Squaretrade recently released their Pets Break Stuff Damage Report, which clued us in to a few verrrrrry interesting truths about destructive pets.

First off, pets damage an average of 3.3 electronic devices per pet owner. So if you feel like the worst pet owner in the world because your dog keeps breaking your laptop, take solace in the fact that you are definitely not alone.

Interestingly, the device your pet is most likely to break is your smart phone; aka that aluminum-plastic-glass rectangle that is currently the one thing keeping your life together (we hope you're backed up in the cloud)! A whopping 59 percent of destroyed devices are smart phones, laptops and tablets tying for second place at 27 percent, game consoles coming in a close third with 25 percent, and TVs trailing at 18 percent.

And check this out: Americans have spent a whopping 14.6 BILLION dollars fixing devices damaged by pets. That's a LOT of chewed-up power cords.

And, like we said up top, if you're looking for someone to blame, look no further than your boy pet. A whopping 63 percent of pet destruction is caused by the dudes.

You'd think that puppies and kitties would be the primary phone-crackers and console-destroyers, but actually over half of the pet-related device destruction is caused by middle-aged animals. And don't let your guard down around the little guys — over half of device-ruining pets are small!

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And why are destructive pets so gosh-darned destructive? Well, they're probably bored, or at least that's how most owners of destructive pets described their animals. Curiosity also ranked high as a personality trait at 61 percent, while 53 percent of owners of destructive pets described their fur babies as spoiled.

So how are destructive pets actually unleashing their chaos? Teeth seem to be by far the weapon of choice. Over half of the device destruction is caused by chewing, followed by "knocking off the counter" at 19 percent, spilling liquid on your electronics at 10 percent, and stepping on it at 7 percent.

So be wary of your small, bored, middle-aged boy pets and their teeth! The numbers, they do not lie.