Watch Newborn Baby Goats Wearing Sweaters & Practicing Jumps For The First Time

Have you ever had a kid? Did you think your kid was the cutest kid around? Well, we're sorry to say, you were absolutely wrong. Because, these are the cutest kids you'll ever see in your life.

Not only are these baby goats brand spanking new, coming in at a whopping 1-day old, but they are also dressed in pint-sized sweaters, catapulting their cuteness metrics off the charts.

The YouTube video of these new kids on the block was posted earlier this month by Sunflower Farm Creamery with a caption informing viewers that the goats are named Gershwin, Butterscotch, Marigold and Bruno, joined in the video by their mother, Rhubarb.

Only a goat named Rhubarb could produce such sweet, heart-melting babes. Suddenly the world makes sense.

After gracing the Earth with their presence for one whole day, the furry foursome is learning to hop and according to Sunflower Farm Creamery should be "experts" with only one additional day of practice! Not only are they the cutest kids but talented too! Were you hopping at one day old? Exactly.

With such insurmountable adorableness at play, we can watch this video all day. But if you want even more baby goat action, you're in luck! Sunflower Farm Creamery included with their YouTube video a link to their live cam where you can witness all the goat goodness and possible births! Clearly, you need to check it out. God knows, we did.

We're going to need some kids in sweaters. Stat.