You've Never Seen A Dog Ride A Skateboard Like This

There's a new lord of Dogtown — and unlike the Venice Beach teens that pioneered the sport of skateboarding in the late 1970s, this one is an actual pupper.

Behold a French bulldog literally owning the skatepark:

French bulldog owns skatepark with fresh moves
FACT: Shredding the gnar > Shredding your favorite moccasins
credit: @ImogenRW / Twitter

Posted earlier in the week to Twitter, the :45 second video was recorded at Clissold Park in London (press play to watch).

The highly shareable clip immediately went supernova viral on the microblogging platform, racking up 55,000+ retweets (and another 87,000+ "likes") before spilling over to aggregators on the social web.

According to bystanders, the OMG-inducing Frenchie drew big crowds in other parts of the park with his flat-ground freestyle riding.

While skateboarding woofers are certainly not without precedent (nor skateboarding cats!), it is unusual to see one so skillful, enthusiastic, and at ease with the speed that comes with riding ramps.

For our money, the single cutest moment comes when he re-centers the deck with his mouth. Adorbs!

French bulldog owns skatepark with fresh moves
Can you even ollie, bro
credit: @MathewTucker1 / Twitter

Naturally, the collective hive mind that is the internet was also impressed with this dogged doge.

Is your dog an extreme athlete? Tell us about it in the comments below!