What This Woman Did To Help An Animal Is Amazing

You can definitely file "Watching a woman give a pigeon CPR" under "Things you don't see every day.

What This Woman Did To Help An Animal Is Amazing
credit: Charolette

We don't know much about the woman (or the pigeon, for that matter). According to the Twitter user who shot the video, the attempted resuscitation took place in Glasgow, Scotland. The hero of the hour gave the lifeless bird CPR basically the way you'd give a human CPR. She breathes into its little beak and taps its tiny chest.

We would love a Disney-style conclusion to this story. The bird wakes up! Gives his savior a soft peck on the cheek! Flies into the sunset! However, the way his little head flops at the very end of the video doesn't give us much hope for a happy ending.

In fact, according to the Twitter user who posted the video, the story has an even darker ending than we imagined.

So obviously, we didn't get a happy ending on this one. But animal CPR is a very real thing and it is possible to save animal lives with these techniques. The Red Cross has solid instructions re: how to perform CPR on pets.

And sometimes it's our furry friends who perform CPR on us! Well, kind of. Last year, during the finals of the FCI Dog Dance World Championship, dog Deril "performed CPR" on his owner Lusy Imbergerova, when she feigned unconsciousness.

Yup, chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth and everything. Here's the full vid.

We wish the pigeon story had a happier ending, but it's good to know that humans and animals are looking out for each other on the resuscitation front.