Dog Safe & Happy After Getting Head Stuck Because Of This Tasty Snack

Residents of a sleepy Texas neighborhood rubbed their eyes in disbelief: An unknown dog was drifting back and forth, a food container wedged tightly around the animal's head and neck.

In an interview with WFAA, Staci Szybowicz, a Fort Worth woman, explained that the pup was in a state of distress when she spotted him on a morning walk:

"He was very fast and didn't want anyone to get near him."

After posting an update about the shocking encounter to Nextdoor, a social media app for neighbors, she contacted Fort Worth Animal Control. The local agency dispatched two officers to locate the dog, now dubbed "Pickle."

Because Pickle's head was jammed all the way forward into the jug-shaped packaging, concerns grew about his supply of oxygen and water.

The chase came to an end in a wooded cul-de-sac when two agents slowly cornered the nervous dog huddled under some shrubbery.

Speaking with The Dodo, Diane Covey, a public information officer with the city, had this to say:

"Pickle was – and still is – very scared, so officers actually had to sneak up on him."

As one man restrained the dog, a second pried free the plastic albatross.

Upon review, it was determined that the container had previously housed cheese balls, a tempting trap for any hungry woofer.

The team also estimated that the pit bull-mix had been in over his head for three or four — 3! or 4! — long days.

Dehydrated and more than a little beleaguered by the ordeal, Pickles has since been relocated to a nearby shelter, where he is said to be on the mend while he waits to be paired with a new adoptive home.

According to employees with the animal control team, the traumatized pupper would be a great addition to almost any family: "He's not aggressive and we can tell he loves people."

In a Facebook post, Szybowicz, the good Samaritan that first reported Pickle's condition, thanked everyone for their contributions.

Watch WFAA's full report in the video embedded below.

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