Hulk Hogan Rallies Internet To Help Daughter Find Missing Dog

Losing a beloved pet is a stressful experience. Losing one that's been left in the care of a petsitter when you're on a plane flying across the country? Even worse.

Molly, Brooke Hogan's 11-year-old Pomerian
"Can you help a missing dog out, BROTHER?"
credit: mizzhogan / Instagram

That was the unfortunate situation Brooke Hogan, daughter of famed wrestler Hulk Hogan (aka Terry Gene Bollea), found herself in on Tuesday when her 11-year-old Pomeranian, Molly, was reported MIA somewhere in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.

In a post shared with her followers on Instagram, she wrote:

"My baby Molly is missing as of this afternoon. ... I'm sick to my stomach. If anyone is there, please keep your eyes open. She is my baby and my life. Please share."

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According to a report from TMZ, Hogan left the dog "in the care of a friend for the first time while she went out of town, and ... some very specific instructions ... weren't followed."

Upon being alerted to Molly's disappearance, Brooke immediately jetted back to Los Angeles from Nashville, where she had planned a short vacay. Of learning the shocking news mid-flight, she had this to say to Inside Edition:

"I landed and the second I got off the plane I asked the gate agent if there is a flight back to L.A. ... I got back on a plane, literally in 30 seconds."

After returning to California, she launched a frantic search for her pupper. Also pitching in was her mom and reality TV star, Linda Hogan.

The duo posted missing flyers, peered under shrubs, and reached out to local shelters — but still no luck.

On Wednesday, Hogan jumped back on social media to ask for the public's assistance.

"I have still not found my angel. Molly has been missing since yesterday morning in Van Nuys, CA. Please spread the word. Im so devastated. Please repost and comment with ANY leads!!!! Thank you!!!"

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Though the Hulkster was in Florida at the time of Molly's disappearance, he still wanted to help.

So, like any loving father, he took to Twitter — where he is followed by more than 1.89 million people — to rally local Hulkamaniacs to his daughter's aid.

"Van Nuys HULKAMANIACS,help please,Brooke's dog Molly is lost near Columbus Ave,hit me if u find her,please look4her,love u Maniacs. HH"

"Please help,Brooke's dog Molly is lost,Van Nuys around Sepulveda/Victory cross streets/Columbia Ave,please help,reward maniacsThnxBrother HH"

And because most people are inherently good, some folks answered the call.

Despite everyone's hard work, the adorable Pom was still nowhere to be seen — until Wednesday, when she was spotted by motorists near Sepulveda Boulevard, a heavily trafficked street located a few miles from where she had originally gone missing!

The passing family plucked Molly from the streets and treated her to some "homemade chicken" before arranging a teary-eyed reunion with Brooke.

Brooke closed the loop on the ordeal with a grateful update posted to Instagram:

"I can finally catch my breath... my angel is home. Thank you to everybody that helped out. I am so grateful for my family and friends."

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Indeed, a quick scroll through Hogan's feed reveals just how close she and Molly are.

Here they are on a SUP board.

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Playing kissy face.

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And posing with Shadow, her doggy BFF and sister from another mother.

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Have you been reunited with a lost pup? Tell us about it in the comments below!