9 Disney Animals Who Would Make Terrible Pets

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We love Disney animals! In movies, they are spectacular. IRL, probably not as much though.

Here are nine iconic Disney animals who would make terrible pets.


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Yzma As A Cat (The Emperor's New Groove)

As a human, Yzma was a powerful sorceress and a force to be reckoned with. As a cat, she's legitimately one of the cutest animals in the Disney animated universe. But she's also proof that adorableness alone does not a good pet make.


This kitten would constantly be scheming to murder you and become a human sorceress again — and she's smart and badass enough that she just might succeed. Adopt her at your own risk.

Abu The Monkey (Aladdin)

Abu is great. But he's also... well, not. Yes, he grows a lot over the course of the movie(s). He begrudgingly shares his bread with those orphans after Aladdin does, and he even becomes a weird-looking elephant to help his BFF. But he's also kind of a klepto.


And he has issues with sharing, so keep that in mind if you're trying to socialize him with other pets.

Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)

Are we counting Stitch as an animal? Let's, because he's basically a pet to Lilo and that's good enough for this list. Stitch has a lot going for him and deep down, a heart of gold. And yeah, his Elvis impression is heart-meltingly adorable.



But he also has... issues to work through. Only true lovers of mischief need apply.

Tigger (Winnie The Pooh)

Can you handle a lot of energy from your pet? Like a LOT a lot? Then maybe you'd be cut out for pet parenting Tigger. If not, though move along.


Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)

Sebastian is a good Assistant to the King of the Ocean. He's a ​great​ sea floor orchestra leader. But as a pet? Well, first of all, he's 100 percent not interested in being your pet/living in the human world at all.


Also, he might constantly try to set you up with people you haven't even spoken to. So there's that.

Zazu (The Lion King)

If you want a very bossy life coach, Zazu is your man. If you want a pet who is going to be up for your crazy adventures, probably not.



Cheshire Cat (Alice In Wonderland)

A lot of what we love about pets boils down to how reliable there are. We can count on them to love us basically unconditionally. To be there when we've had a bad day. To remind us that there IS joy in the world and that some things are easy to understand (like our love for them, for example).


The Cheshire Cat is the opposite of all these things. You can't count on him for anything, and it's his nature to keep you guessing and usually in a frustrating way — not a fun way.

Ed, Shenzi, & Banzai (The Lion King)

These guys are a dangerous combination of unpredictable and not ​super​ bright. Also, anyone who thought Scar should be in charge of anything isn't a person or animal or fictional character you want in your home.

Si And Am (Lady And The Tramp)

In addition to being wildly problematic, these two are sneaky to a disastrous degree, and they definitely ​don't​ play nice with other pets.


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