Ears To Rears: DIY Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Smelly Pets

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We already gave you a list of tips on how to keep your house clean when you have pets running around. And now we're back with ways to keep your pet clean too. From their ears to their rears, we have all your bases covered.

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Keep Your Dog's Ears Clean

Keep your pup's ears clean and free from any debris and icky bacterial growth by following this tutorial, which proves that gentle ingredients like vinegar, water, and a cotton swab are all you need to get the job done. Try to do it every week during bath time and always reward your dog (and yourself) with a treat afterwards. (Here's another tutorial for all you cat owners, too!)

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Maintain Your Pet's Bright White Coat

If you have a pet with white fur, then you know how hard it is to keep it that way. Our tutorial for keeping the hair around your dog's mouth white suggests keeping the area dry and using a boric acid/baby powder/milk of magnesium mixture as needed, while our tutorial for cat fur suggests going the cornstarch/water/peroxide route in addition to a whitening shampoo. Either way, your pet will be shining in no time.


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Wipe Those Wrinkles

When your shar pei comes in for sloppy kisses, the last thing you want is to have to hold your nose because he smells so bad. The folds and wrinkles in your pups face can harbor some pretty funky stuff that make it smell bad, but it can also lead to a skin infection. This handy tutorial details the steps for daily care including wiping, drying and applying petroleum jelly to each wrinkle. It only takes a few minutes and will leave your puppy primed for snuggle time.


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Dealing With the Hind Quarters

The grosser parts of pet ownership, like the ones that involve poop, are no fun but if we don't do it, then who will? Whether your following our tutorial on how to get dried poop off your puppy's behind, the one for getting poop off your cat or our tutorial for expressing their anal glands, it's best to just put on your latex gloves and remember that your pet would thank you if he could.


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Maintain Those Pearly Whites

Keep your pet's breath smelling fresh_ish_ and cavity free by taking a few minutes each week to either brush with baking soda and water as this tutorial for dogs suggests or provide things like raw bones and a special Amazonian river herb mixture like this tutorial for cats suggests. If you're having a hard time getting your pup to sit still, try this DIY doggie toothpaste made with a bouillon cube that'll definitely do the trick.


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Deep Clean Your Fish Tank

Next time you clean your fish tank, don't just change the water and toss the fish back in. Take it one step further and clean the rocks too. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to clean all the rocks and decorations to give your fish the best environment they could ever hope for.


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Keep Your Pet's Paws Clean Anywhere You Go

Follow this tutorial and grab a shower lufa, a piece of mesh fabric and an old mug to create a portable dog paw washer. Now you can say finally say goodbye to muddy paw prints all over your car after a trip to the dog park. Hooray!


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A Clean Pup is A Happy Pup (Owner)

Forget about those overpriced chemical-filled perfumes and body washes out there when it comes to your dog's sensitive skin. Instead, just follow these tutorials for all-natural doggie perfume and a rosemary-infused pet shampoo that'll leave your pup feeling ready to take on the world (or at least the dog park).


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Mice Need Baths Too, Sometimes

While your pet mouse will take care of most of its grooming needs, just like a cat, there may still be times where she needs a bit of help from you. If that's the case, just turn to this tutorial and reach for a gentle cat shampoo. Your freshly bathed beauty will even give Minnie Mouse a run for her money.


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