Rejoice! America’s Favorite Giraffe Family Returns To A YouTube Near You

If you're among the millions of April the Giraffe fans who are going through massive withdrawals since your favorite animal reality show was taken off YouTube last week (Friday at 4:30 p.m. ET to be exact), then sit down because your socks are about to be blown right off your frickin' feet!

April the Giraffe returns to a smartphone near you, possibly even later this week!

Zoo officials posted to Facebook on Sunday that they're resuming the record-breaking livestream after a quick hiatus, which some reports indicate occurred so staff could focus on April and her calf's well being, while others believe the staff has been overwhelmed with the intensity of the public's obsession over America's favorite mother and son.

Either way, whatevs. Here at Cuteness, we're so excited to have our favorite show back on YouTube!

The zoo also announced plans to install a permanent yard cam later this season, so fans can watch the giraffes spend some quality family time together.


If you're totally obsessed about April and her baby boy like we are, you can sign up for weekly text alerts, though there is a $5 charge for the service. But it just might be worth the cost, if you're excited to find out the possible names of the baby-boy calf, which the zoo says they will offer for voting on May 1.