You Won’t Believe How A Chubby Beaver Was Freed From This Fence

O Canada, our neighbors to the north. The land of hockey sticks, maple syrup, and, now, chubby beavers stuck in fences.

Canadian beaver freed from fence with soap
"It's a long story ... "
credit: @liamdevlincasey / Twitter

That head-turning news comes to us from Hamilton, a city of about a half-million Canadians roughly 40 miles southwest of Toronto.

Described as "carrying excess fat from a long winter hibernation," the distressed critter was found wedged between two bars in an iron-wrought fence.

"He landed, as the Canadian-ism goes, arse over teakettle... onto a lower section of ground and couldn't pull his rear-end through with his tiny front paws," it continues. (Reminder: The struggle is real!)

The adult-size noble beaver was ultimately extracted from this tight situation when Sarah Mombourquette, the animal control officer dispatched to investigate, soaped down the pickets.

Once properly lubricated, the beaver, long a symbol of the nation's rugged, can-do spirit, slipped from the metal shackles holding it back.

The creature was subsequently transferred to the Hamilton Animal Services shelter, where it noshed on a buffet of fresh veggies.

As a gesture of its gratitude, the industrious animal paid its debt forward by "constructing a wooden doghouse for the resident mutts and a new sturdy scratching post for the cats."(If this ridiculously tongue-in-cheek press release from the city is to be believed.)

Naturally, the internet had some feelings about the whole thing.

There were those that found it extremely ~relatable~.

Others attempted to reframe the conversation around it.

Not surprisingly, some came to the beleaguered beaver's defense. #selfcare

While comedians found humor by drawing comparisons to relevant pop culture.

All yuks aside, there is reason for optimism: Once the beaver recovers from injuries sustained during this traumatic episode, it will be returned to the wild.

Paola Pianegonda, an official with the city of Hamilton, closed the loop on this unlikely chapter of Canadian history with a pun-enhanced statement that had editors at Cuteness[dot]come reaching for "STAHP" memes:

"Conservation efforts have led to a healthy beaver population and in honour of Canada 150, Hamilton Animal Services is thrilled to give this beaver a happy ending. We believe that no beaver should be left behind."