Dog's Haircut Goes Ridiculously Awry When Instructions Are Lost In Translation

Leigh Simmons moved to Shenzen, a city located about 11 miles north of Hong Kong, last year with his wife for work.

While the 27-year-old South Wales native has adapted to life in China, he hasn't learned any Mandarin.

That lead to a hilarious episode this week involving his dog, a stray named Seren that he found roaming the streets, and a local pet groomer.

In a post shared on Facebook, he explains what led to these now viral images of the German shepherd cross buzzed nearly bald, like a French poodle, from the neck down:

"I took my dog to a pet groomer ... and said she needed a shave. I can't speak a word of Chinese and they couldn't speak a word of English... so this happened! Sorry Seren!!"

Under normal circumstances, the very good girl looks like such:

According to a report from BuzzFeed News, Simmons instructions to the groomer included "making a 'buzzing' sound and a shaving motion to describe the desired look." (Honestly, who hasn't done this at least once in their life?)

The salon told him to return at the end of the day — and when he did, he doubled over from the LOLs: Seren's coat consisted of a lion-like mane, a bushy tip at the tail, and fluffy sock paws.

"I came back and saw the dog and just started laughing hysterically. I could barely stand up, I was laughing so much."

While the women were caught off guard by his reaction, he happily paid the £10 charge.

Lending some much needed context to the snafu, Simmons noted in an interview with the BBC that:

"Everyone in China has a poodle. Lots of them have this style. I just didn't think at the time that the French poodle look that you see in films was the standard model for shaving dogs out here."

Lest anyone think it was all a cruel joke, Simmons Facebook feed is peppered with adorable shots of random encounters with woofers of all kinds. He's clearly a well-intentioned #dogguy.

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